2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the American Society for Clinical Pathology

To celebrate this incredible achievement, ASCP is showcasing the history of the Society, highlighting major accomplishments, and more.

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Most importantly, 2022 is about celebrating and honoring our members, without whom these 100 years of growth, innovation, and advancing pathology and laboratory medicine would not have been possible.

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We welcome you to join us in celebrating ASCP, and offer many ways to get involved. Check back throughout the year to learn more ways you can join the celebration.

"ASCP has been advancing education, knowledge, research, and clinical care for our patients for 100 years. Help celebrate this tremendous milestone for pathology and laboratory medicine professionals around the world by attending the 100th anniversary ASCP Annual Meeting in Chicago September 7-9, 2022."

Harv Rinder, MD, FASCP

ASCP President

1922 A group of 39 physicians meets during the 1922 American Medical Association (AMA) meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, to establish what becomes the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). 



ASCP Milestones

1928 ASCP officially establishes the Board of Registry, now the ASCP Board of Certification, as part of an effort to standardize laboratory services and ensure competency of laboratory personnel.

1936 ASCP pathologists in cooperation with the AMA create the American Board of Pathology, approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties to offer certification in anatomic and clinical pathology.


1940 The American Journal of Clinical Pathology, first published in 1931, becomes a monthly publication.


1955 ASCP elects its first female president, Emma S. Moss, MD, and she becomes the first female president of any national medical association.


1968 ASCP creates member categories that are inclusive of nonphysician members of the Society.


1970 ASCP’s Laboratory Medicine debuts.

1977 ASCP leads the sponsorship and organization of National Medical Laboratory Week.


1985 ASCP develops guidelines for the approval of continuing medical laboratory education (CMLE) programs.


1992 ASCP elects the first medical technologist to its Board of Directors.


2002 ASCP officially changes its name to the American Society of Clinical Pathology from American Society of Clinical Pathologists.


2015 ASCP launches the Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa initiative to provide rapid cancer diagnostics, care, and treatment to Sub-Saharan Africa. 

2019 The ASCP Foundation is formed, supporting diagnostic medicine and public health across the globe.

2021 ASCP and The Joint Commission collaborate to launch the Leading Laboratories Recognition Program.


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100 Years of History: Interactive Timeline

Browse through an incredible compilation of historical highlights from the last 100 years of growth, innovation, and advancement in pathology and laboratory medicine.