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 Certificate Programs on Sale Through March 15, 2024. 

With curriculums developed by experienced leaders in the laboratory, each program offers on-demand access to hours of engaging, interactive content.   

Select 25 on-demand courses from an expansive library of 30+ courses covering:

  • Personnel Management 
  • Operations 
  • Financial  Management
  • Informatics Compliance

The most complete online training resource in laboratory management

Lab Management University (LMU) is a self-paced online certificate program that improves competency in laboratory management, now with thousands of participants worldwide! Developed by an impressive lineup of medical leaders, LMU will teach you the practical, day-to-day skills needed to make your career and your lab a success.

  • Medical Coding 
  • Recognizing the Differences: CLIA, CAP, & Joint Commission 
  • Improving Efficiency to Respond to Laboratory Workforce Shortage 
  • Employee Satisfaction & Retention 
  • Hospital Regulators & Accreditors

Five topical courses on subjects affecting the laboratory today:



SALE PRICE: $119  $79

Members $799

Non-Members $949


Comprehensive leadership training

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
  • Emotional and Social Competence Inventory Model (ESCI)
  • Time Mastery Profile 

$399  $349 MEMBERS

$499  $449 LIST PRICE

Hone your leadership skills at your own pace with 18 on-demand courses. 

Learn strategies to adapt behavior, communication skills,  and leadership styles to be effective in a variety of workplace situations. 

Your purchase includes access to multiple well-known self-assessment instruments integrated throughout the curriculum, including:

Five Topical Courses on Subjects Affecting the Lab Today:

  • Information Fundamentals Information
  • Systems Workflow & Processes
  • Governance & Management 



University of Pathology Informatics (UPI) is a self-paced online certificate leveraging case-based learning to develop critical knowledge of informatics concepts. 

20 courses focus on four essential laboratory informatics competencies: 

University of Pathology Informatics USE PROMO CODE: UPI24W

Leadership Institute USE PROMO CODE: LI22W


Lab Management University USE PROMO CODE: LMU24W


Certificate Programs


Choose from dozens of online courses, covering a wide range of critical topics

Access 10 self-paced online courses, covering advanced topics including:

  • Analyzing and Managing Workflow in the Lab  
  • Managing the Utilization of Diagnostic Tests  
  • Project Management  
  • Lean Quality Improvement: A Practical Approach



LMU Fundamentals

LMU Contemporary Issues

LMU Advanced

LMU Contemporary Issues now included in LMU Complete at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

New Lower Price

Assuring Patient and Laboratory Team Safety

ASCP CQI aids laboratory teams to assess their practice operations and improve performance, with the objective of increasing both patient and laboratory team member safety. Designed for laboratory leaders and their teams, this guided curriculum includes on-demand courses split between five modules, including a suite of downloadable tools for use in the lab.

ASCP CQI will help laboratories elevate continuous quality improvement and patient safety efforts by:

  • Effectively developing a culture of quality
  • Improving communication and handoffs with a meaningful, shared quality language
  • Developing and navigating quality plans and projects
  • Leading team-based, patient-centric quality projects
  • Utilizing CQI tools for improved outcomes



Participants will earn a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing their coursework.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) USE PROMO CODE: CQI24W




Enroll in the ASCP Leadership Institute’s Self-Paced Certificate Program

Leadership training gives you the resilience, mastery, and support needed to create a workplace that is more flexible, satisfying, and efficient. Hone your leadership skills at your own pace with 18 on-demand courses! Through an advanced self-assessment program, participants gain insight into their current viewpoints on leadership topics, identify areas of growth, and use the knowledge gained to develop advanced leadership skills.

  • Burnout
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence 
  • Creating a Coaching Culture 
  • Collaborative Performance Communication 
  • Priority and Goal-Setting Techniques 
  • Behavioral-Based Interviewing and Onboarding



Course topics include:

Leadership Institute  USE PROMO CODE: LI24W